10 Makeup rules that are worth breaking


10 Makeup rules that are worth breaking

Most rules in life that we have to follow are there for a good reason. Rules are there to keep us safe and to stop us harming other people and so, we all do, or should, stop at red lights, for example. Makeup rules, however, are rules that have been invented by someone who thinks they know what will look best on us and what we will like. Makeup rules are great, if you use them for guidance and for ideas, but makeup is a very individual and personal thing, so not all rules have to be followed to the letter. If no one ever broke the makeup rules, then wed never have any new ideas, so take a look at these ten makeup rules that are worth breaking.

1. Your foundation should match your neck

This is one rule that we have seen that really doesnt make a lot of sense. Your face and your neck are usually different shades naturally, because more sun gets on your face than your neck. Whats more important is to not have a stark line between your face and your neck, which would look completely unnatural, so blend foundation, whatever the shade, so there is no discernible line between your chin and your neck.

2. Always pair smoky eyes with nude lips

The traditional advice is that just one, or the other, of your eyes or lips should be the focus of attention, so with smoky eyes, you should have nude lips. There is, of course, no reason why you cant have both bold lips and bold eyes, so long as you dont go over the top. In some ways, very bold eyes and nude lips can make it look like you didnt get time to finish your makeup!

3. Your nails and lips should always match

Using identical shades of nail polish and lipstick was a rule that held fast for many generations, up until around the sixties. Identical shades look old fashioned and too formal for today, so go for colours that complement each other, not necessarily those that match.

4. Always use a primer

A primer is great for smoothing the skin, but you dont need to use a primer every day, especially if you have dry skin. On most days, a moisturiser is all you will need and you can save the primer for special occasions, if you want to.

5. Never go out without makeup

This is another old rule that some women used to follow; theyd never leave home without putting their face on first. Of course, you can go out without any makeup on at all, or just a little bit, if you prefer, its all about whatever makes you feel comfortable, thats what matters. A few days, makeup-free, will let the air get to your skin and it could improve your complexion.

6. Never wear mascara or eyeliner on your bottom lashes

Some people insist that eyeliner and mascara on your bottom lashes will make you look older, but we dont think so. It is true, that if you have deep set eyes, or very small eyes, then leaving the bottom lashes nude can make eyes look bigger, but otherwise, there is no reason at all why you shouldnt use mascara and eyeliner all around your eyes.

7. Products should only be used for what they were intended

When it comes to what you use your products for, double or triple duty products can be of great help when you are in a hurry, or you run out of something. The only thing that you do need to be careful about is that you check the labels before you use anything near your eyes, just in case they arent suitable for that.

8. The more you spend, the better the makeup

The very, very, cheap makeup might not be high quality, but that doesnt mean that you have to spend a fortune on makeup. If you like it, then wear it, should be the rule of makeup, and if you spend big money on big brands, more often than not, you are paying for the name on the label, not for the ingredients.

9. Always apply concealer before foundation

This is another makeup rule that some women just find impractical to follow, because, if you apply your foundation first, then you can see what areas of skin have not been covered properly by the foundation and you can then apply concealer, just in those areas of skin that really need it.

10. Always let mascara dry before you apply a second coat

Like all these, so called, makeup rules, it comes down to personal preference. Many people find it easier to apply a second coat of mascara while the first coat has still not dried. They find it easier to work and shape the lashes when the first coat is still a bit wet and more flexible.

Do you like to break makeup rules?

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